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Affiliate Disclaimer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. This is an affiliate program which means we may earn a commission by advertising and linking to  Click here for more information.

The best table with storage is essential to any home office or workspace. Adding a desk with storage to your workspace allows you to organize work materials into a compact, easy-to-navigate space where you can comfortably focus on your work. Looking for the best desk with storage capabilities?

Read our review of the best desks with storage in 2022-2023

Leading Desk With Storage: Review

1. Cubicubi Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

Cubicubi’s computer table is designed with a simple, sleek appearance and a shelf for storage. If you prioritize shelf storage over drawer storage, this is the counter for you. The Cubicubi computer table is a standard 47-inches with four storage shelves on the left-hand side. 

The table is made with metal legs, making it sturdy and firm, even on carpet. While some desks at an affordable price point might be unstable and prone to shaking or warping, that is not the case with the Cubicubi counter. Even at its attractive price, this table is made to be sturdy and long-lasting. 

While the Cubicubi is available in three different sizes, (40, 47, or 55 inches), you can rest assured that each offers ample room for your work supplies. The variety of sizes allows you to assess which best suits your workspace and will provide the necessary amount of space for you. 

Available colors include white, black, deep brown, natural, and rustic brown finishes. Offering the ability to select both the color and size, this table can be customized to suit virtually any space.

The table is easy to assemble and can be put together by just one or two people. Some desks are difficult and confusing to set up after ordering online. Cubicubi’s workspace counter, though comes with user-friendly, easy-to-follow instructions.

While most are generally happy with their Cubicubi computer table, buyers shorter than 5’1 found the table to be a little tall for comfortable use. If you are 5’1” or shorter, you may consider a counter with an adjustable height or one lower to the ground. Otherwise, this issue can be combated with an adjustable chair to elevate you to the table. 

The Cubicubi computer counter is designed for computer use, as the name suggests, and many users find the size to be perfect for a dual monitor setup. If you’re looking for a table that offers ample open-air storage and still has room for dual monitors, you may consider the Cubicubi. 

There are minimal downsides. For example, this is not the desk for you if you’re looking for a table with drawer storage. There are no drawers or closed compartments on this desk. 

Key Features:

  • Customizable
  • Shelf storage
  • Sturdy metal legs
CubiCubi Computer Desk 55 inch with Storage Shelves Study Writing
Cubicubi’s computer desk: Best desk with storage


  • Affordable price point
  • Ability to the color and size
  • Durable materials 
  • best standing desks with storage 2023


  • No drawers
  • May be too tall for some users

2. Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

The Bush Furniture Cabot L-shaped computer counter features an L-shaped design, making it an ideal corner table. If you’re looking for a desk that offers plenty of space and storage while fitting nicely in the corner of a room, you may consider this offering from Bush Furniture.

The Cabot computer table features spacious drawers and compartments, allowing ample storage and organization. If you have many materials to organize and store, this may be a good option for you. This desk even has a file drawer for storing and organizing important papers. 

There’s also built-in wire management to streamline and organize all of your cords. It features USB ports to allow easy charging of all your devices. 

This L-shaped computer table is sold in 10 different colors to suit your personal space and aesthetic preferences. It comes in one 60” x 60” size, making it a great option if you’re looking for a larger corner counter. 

Unlike some desks, this table cannot float in a room. The back of the desk is not finished, so it is not designed to float. This model can be used strictly as a corner desk. Additionally, the table cannot be reverse-constructed with the drawers in opposite positions. 

Key Features:

  • Corner desk
  • Spacious storage
  • USB ports


  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Perfect for corner spaces
  • Wire management makes charging convenient


  • Must be placed in a corner
  • Build cannot be reversed

3. OneSpace Eleanor Executive Desk

The OneSpace Eleanor Executive Desk is equipped with both drawer and shelf storage, making it the perfect desk for those who prioritize having a variety of storage spaces. The counter comes in a standard 47” size, making it ideal for smaller spaces. 

The OneSpace Eleanor Executive Desk comes in three colors: white oak, espresso, and golden cherry to suit your aesthetic preferences. This table is perfect for organizing and storing all of your work materials in a compact space. 

This OneSpace desk has a file drawer for storing your documents, and a USB charging hub to make charging your devices convenient. If you’re looking for a practical desk made for productivity and organization, you may consider the Eleanor Executive model. 

Some did note that the table is extremely heavy, so it may be difficult to carry if you plan on installing your desk upstairs. Plan to have assistance if your counter needs to be moved up a flight of stairs. 

The OneSpace desk is available at a very affordable price, and some did note that they found the material of the desk cheap. Given the price point, it may not feel as durable as a more expensive table, but most are generally satisfied with the overall look and feel. 

Key Features:

  • Shelf and drawer storage
  • Standard 47” Size
  • Three color options


  • Fits well in any space
  • Plenty of storage
  • Affordable price


  • Very heavy to transport
  • Material may feel cheap

4. Aquzee Computer Desk with Hutch and Bookshelf

This computer desk with hutch and bookshelf from Aquzee features ample shelf storage with one below the desk and two more spacious shelves above. If you’re looking for a sleek, modern desk with an emphasis on storage, you may consider Aquzee’s desk, hutch, and bookshelf combo. 

This computer desk comes in five different colors, including bold primary colors like blue and yellow. If you’re looking for a burst of color in your space, these color options could be appealing to you. Otherwise, the table is also offered in a more subtle black, white, and brown. 

Many found the desk easy to assemble, some find that they could fully assemble the table on their own with no assistance. The material is durable and waterproof, with adjustable legs to prevent wobbling. 

While most were generally satisfied with the assembly process, some people did find that the assembly holes weren’t properly aligned, making the process extremely frustrating. If you do encounter assembly problems, consider reaching out to Aquzee’s customer support for assistance.

In fact, if you have any issues with your computer desk, Aquzee is known for their helpful customer service team. Aquzee has active customer service representatives ready to offer assistance if your desk turns out faulty. 

Key Features:

  • Ample shelf storage
  • Unique color selection
  • Durable material


  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious shelves for storage
  • Durable and waterproof finish


  • Assembly holes could be defective

5. Sauder Costa Executive Desk

The Sauder Costa Executive Desk is a larger desk at 65” long with a classic wood finish design, and two natural wood color options to choose from. This desk is equipped with plenty of drawer storage, featuring a total of seven drawers. 

If you’re looking for the best standing desk with storage, consider the Sauder Costa Executive. This desk is made of durable, lasting materials with a thick 1” top. 

The Executive model is finished on all sides, so it can float in the center of a room or be placed against a wall. Either way, the Sauder Costa will offer aesthetic appeal.

This desk is listed at a higher price point than some options on this list, but this is because it is a larger desk with drawers made of high-quality materials. If you’re looking to invest in a desk that will last, this may be the best table on the list. 

Some did find this desk to be particularly heavy and more difficult to assemble. Desks that have drawers are bound to have a more time-consuming assembly process and with more complicated steps, especially a table this large.

If you want something light and easy to assemble, you might consider a different table with storage from this list. 

Key Features:

  • Seven drawers
  • Larger 65” size
  • Two color options 


  • Dest desk with drawers
  • Can be placed in the center of a room
  • Durable and lasting materials


  • Lengthy assembly process
  • Heavy to transport

What to Look For in a Finest Desk With Storage

When deciding which leading desk with storage will work best for you, there are several factors to consider. Here is what to look out for in a desk with storage: 


Everyone has their own aesthetic preferences for furniture. Some prefer modern design, while others might prefer furniture with a classic look. It is important to consider the aesthetics of your other home furniture when determining which table will align with your space.

Metal desks are often lighter and easier to assemble than wood or plywood desks, which may be another factor to consider when determining which counter works best for you. 


Consider the amount of space that you have to place your table in. If you have a lot of space, you might opt for a larger desk to make the most use of the space. If you have a limited amount of space for your desk, you may opt for a smaller table. 

Even a smaller table can offer plenty of storage in a compact space. 


The price of desks with storage can vary drastically. Desks with storage can still be durable and long-lasting at lower price points, but some may prefer to invest in a higher-priced desk in order to ensure that the counter meets their expectations. 

It is up to you to consider your own personal budget and how much you’d like to spend. Fortunately, the desks on this list are generally within a reasonable price range. 

Type of Storage

Desks with storage can be equipped with shelves, drawers, or both. Some prefer to tuck their materials away in drawers, while others prefer to keep their materials on shelves for easy access. Consider the items that you plan to store in or on your desk and whether shelves or drawers would work better. 

Best Desk With Storage: Final Thoughts 

There are a variety of high-quality and visually appealing desks with storage available. On this list, we have provided five of the best desks with storage, each equipped with its own unique features. Now it is up to you to carefully consider each desk and which one might work best for your space

No matter what you choose, you are likely to be satisfied with any of these selections for the best desk with storage

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